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Dear Yuletide Author

Thank you so much! I love reading Yuletide fic every year but this is the first time I've participated, and I'm really excited. I don't want to be too prescriptive about what I receive, so feel free to interpret my prompts and suggestions loosely, or to write something that goes in a different direction if that's where inspiration takes you.

I'll start with some general likes and dislikes and then talk a bit about fandom-specific things.

Things I like:

  • Banter

  • Friendship

  • Stable, happy relationships

  • Polyamory

  • Communicaton

  • Stories centering women and/or LGBTQ characters

  • Happy or bittersweet endings

  • Worldbuilding

  • Non-linear storytelling

  • Missing scenes

  • Character studies, internal monologues, backstories, other things that build on canon characterisation

Things I dislike:

  • Noncon, dubcon, incest

  • Infidelity in monogamous or closed relationships

  • Animal harm

  • Unrelieved angst

  • Torture or gore

  • Non-canon major character death

  • Secondhand embarassment

Some other general notes:

  • I'm fine with fantasy/scifi/historical/mythological/etc. AUs, but I'm not usually a fan of AUs focusing on everyday modern life (college, coffeeshop, etc.)

  • Any rating is fine, G to NC-17. If the latter, I like communication, character moments, and enthusiastic consent in my porn

  • Crossovers between any of my requested fandoms are fine. I'd be especially interested in a Clover/Bastion crossover or any combination of Matt Cruse/Miss Fisher/His Dark Materials

Fandom-specific stuff below the cut!
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I has a tumblr... or two

My personal tumblr is here. Feel free to follow me; I am much more active there than on LJ.
I also have a second tumblr, Good Bras are a Feminist Issue, which is about bras, bra fitting, body image and related issues with a New Zealand focus.


Another 31_days fic

Title: tree at the end of the world
Day/Theme: June 6 - deep roots
Fandom: Original, one-off
Characters/pairing: umm... none?
Rating: G
Warnings: Probably plagiarising multiple mythologies

They say that its leaves are of all colours, and no colour at allCollapse )

31_days fic thing

Title: Written in stone
Day/Theme: June 5 - nameless hills
Fandom: Original, one-off
Characters/pairing: Two nameless people and a range of hills
Rating: G
Warnings: Geology. Also weirdness.

The rocks have a story to tellCollapse )

Thoughts on rereading Fruits Basket

I've reread a whole lot of Fruits Basket lately and have been pondering the story and its characters again. I remember the first time I read it I was expecting a comedy-romance with a bit of drama thrown in, and I was surprised by how angsty it got, although I liked the extra depth that the darker elements added to the storyline.
spoilers for the entire series and more ramblingCollapse )

The Hunger Games

I started reading the books a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to read them before the movie came out. I raced through the first one and it just stuck in my head, so I went out and bought the second and devoured it in an afternoon. The third took me a bit longer because I was finding it a bit too grim, but I finished it the day I saw the movie and the ending made me cry in a good way.
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I spent a week out in the Wairarapa mapping sedimentary sequences a little while ago. Had some good fun, collected some cool fossils, and pondered the differences between archaeology and geology as presented in fiction. The Adventurer Archaeologist is a very common character in many storytelling media. On the other hand, Adventurer Geologists are rare to nonexistent (the only character I can think of is Nasreen from those two Doctor Who episodes, although Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan probably had at least some basic geology training). And yet field geology is an adventure! I've only done a few fairly tame undergrad field trips, but I've seen some spectacular scenery, waded through rivers (you do A LOT of this in geology, as rivers tend to have the best outcrops), collected fossils, mapped faults, fallen in love, had my boots fall apart, drunk lots of beer (geologists are great beer drinkers!) and all sorts of other things. Now consider the geologists who climb active volcanoes, or spend months in Antarctica's Dry Valleys, or the geologists who accompanied Scott on his ill-fated trip to the South Pole. How about some scifi - geologists exploring and mapping other planets and moons? Actually, I may write some of that myself...
A search for "Fictional geologists" on Wikipedia led me to this article, so Sarah Andrews's books are now on my to-read list. She also has an intriguing essay on the geologist as detective.

I recently downloaded Carl Sagan's Cosmos TV series and am thoroughly enjoying it. It's quite old but most of the science still stands up. The second episode has some really fascinating speculation of the sorts of lifeforms that could survive in the atmosphere of a gas giant (GIANT FLOATING JELLYFISH THE SIZE OF CITIES!) and there's also some cool stuff on the history of various scientific ideas. Highly recommended.

AO3 account

I now have an account on Archive of Our Own. I've posted a couple of old fics there, and it may motivate me to start writing new stuff. You can find me here. If you want an invite, comment on this post or pm me.

I want to move to Iceland.

Well, not quite. But I'm getting pretty pissed off at New Zealand at the moment, and the rest of the English-speaking world doesn't look much better. And it seems like Iceland is doing some pretty cool things at the moment. And they have awesome geology.

But this isn't about Iceland. This is a rant about the upcoming New Zealand election.
On the plus side, the Greens are polling comfortably around 10%. On the minus side, pretty much everything elseCollapse )
I seem to be turning into more and more of a lurker, but I thought I should post something to justify my continued use of this site. So here are some cool things I found around the internet recently.
How to Rebuild the Wizarding World, according to Foreign Policy magazine. This is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in politics, Harry Potter, or both.
A Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris (scroll down for the video). Be warned, this will get stuck in your head for some time.
Calm Blue Oceans, a fun webcomic.
Knite, an absolutely beautiful flash comic that I can't recommend enough. Go and read it.
Some of those Viking warriors were actually women.
Rainbow cupcakes!
And a non-internet-related rec: the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold. I'm about halfway through this series now after shadowsinfire persuaded me to read it and it's lots of fun. It's military sci-fi with a disabled hero who survives on his wits, a left-leaning, progressive political viewpoint, a good sense of humour, and some really interesting ideas. It also crosses into other genres: whodunnit, political intrigue, and, I kid you not, Regency romance. Highly recommended.

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